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One Last Thing…

9 Oct

We wanted to surprise the children with something special, so we bought tickets for Canada’s Wonderland and told the kids they were going into Toronto for necessary blood work.  As we came closer to our exit, Ivan asks the children if they’d like to skip the blood work and go to Wonderland.  Funny how they responded with a pretty casual “yeah”.  I don’t think they believed it would ever actually happen.  So he says it again.  This time they answer with a little more enthusiasm, still not getting it.  We ask them more sincerely and then they began insisting that they needed the blood work and how we should do the right thing and go get it done.  Finally I turn around as much as I can in my seat to get a good look at the whole lot of them and say “THERE IS NO BLOOD WORK!!!  WE MADE IT UP!!!”

“You LIED?!!!!”

“Yes, we did…”

I’m sure you can imagine the yelling and cheering that took place at this point.  Their faces lit up with excitement and relief.  Poor Julie was SO stressed about getting a needle.  So off we went to spend the day in roller coaster, funnel cake, and cotton candy heaven. 😀