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Making progress…

5 Oct

Passport pictures for 7 children – check!

Passport applications filled out for 4 Canadian children – check!

Appointment made at the U.S. consulate for 3 American children – check!

Birth Certificate ordered and expedited for 2 year old – check!

Head spinning from the ginormous mountain of paperwork needing to get done – CHECK!


Where to begin…

2 Oct

Packing, paperwork, getting over a nasty cold?

It’s Sunday.  Not much I can do besides purging, cleaning and packing.  It’s freezing outside.  I’m sipping my morning coffee, looking out at the leaves blowing on the trees, feeling a sense of comfort and relief that we have a definite date to escape this country before winter arrives.  The property we have reserved in CR is on 4 acres complete with a mango orchard.  Hmmm… snow?… mangos?……. snow?………….. mangos?……………. yea.

Party of Nine, please.

1 Oct

We booked our flight today!  It feels surreal to type those words, and even more surreal that I have summer clothes in the washing machine right now getting ready to be packed into my suitcase!  October 31st 2011.  That’s when we leave.   We have 4 weeks.  FOUR WEEKS!  I’m excited, nervous, happy, sad, and did I say excited?!!!!

There are a million and one things to be done, but for now, I’m just taking a moment to let it soak in.  We’re going to COSTA RICA!!!  Ivan and I have been planning this move for years.  People have come in and out of our lives listening to us talk about our plans to move South.  It’s finally happening.  Adios, Canada!  Time to trade in that down coat for some daisy dukes 😉